S3 Ep 11) Q is for Quit This Podcast

January 20, 2019

The guys leap into a podcast that is trying to get you to quit listening to it. Enjoy!


S3 Ep 10) M is for My 13 Hour Podcast

January 12, 2019

Dr. Guess Who leaves the D-Bagz alone on the VHS Tape and they record a 13 hour podcast. Enjoy!!!


S3 Ep) 9 R is for R.E.M. You To Sleep

January 6, 2019

The D-Bagz leap into a Podcast that is designed to help the listeners fall asleep. Enjoy!


S3 Ep 8) A is for ABC D-BAGZ (with Special Guest Brent)

December 15, 2018

Tony B and Bradley D leap back into their own podcast, but the lighting strike caused them to switch bodies. They Leap into their own episode from season 1 , C is for Crunch with their old pal Brent. 


S3 Ep 7) X is for X Marks the Pod

December 9, 2018

The D-Bagz get another assignment from Dr. Guess Who. They Leap into a Podcast where one of them gets into a car and the other gives directions. Where do they end up??? No one knows. Watch our for the Lightning!


S3 Ep 6) O is for Obigosh Falls (with Musical Guest The Fremonts)

November 19, 2018

The D-Bagz Leap into a wholesome folksy podcast with sketches and musical guests. So listen at home on the prairie with a companion.

This week has a real life musical performance from the Group. The Fremonts. Click on their name to read more about them. 


S3 Ep 5) E is for Eine Kleine Kline

November 13, 2018

The D-Bagz leap into a show that talks about popular movies and sometimes about the Actor Kevin Kline. 


S3 Ep) 4 T is for Tim and John’s Top 4

October 25, 2018

The D-Bagz leap into a show that countdowns a top 4 list on everything pop culture. This episode they countdown their top 4 letters of the alphabet. ( This Episode it is a love letter to our good friends at Tom and Jim's Top 5 Check out all their great episodes.)


S3 Ep) 3 J is for Jello

October 20, 2018

The D-Bagz leap into a Podcast about two Jewish Guys who eat Jello and Answer phone calls by saying, JELLO!


S3 Ep) 2 B is for Breaking The Habit with Sister George

October 12, 2018

The D-Bagz leap into a call in show where a Nun, Sister George helps solve bad habits. Can she help solve their bad habits. Find out in this "Nun"sense episode. Enjoy!